GDPR Policy


Deeez Services Limited

As part of our business it is necessary for our Clients to submit personal data to us in order for us to carry out any cleaning jobs . This agreement sets out how we handle your data according to our Data Protection Policy.

Deeez Services Limited agrees to:

  1. Process data lawfully and fairly.
  2. Not disclose data to third parties unlawfully.
  3. Ensure data is adequate and relevant for purpose and not excessive.
  4. Ensure data is accurate and kept up to date.
  5. Ensure data is protected adequately.
  6. Ensure data is not kept any longer than necessary.
  7. Ensure data is processed in accordance with the rights of the data subject.
  8. Keep all staff updated regarding their Data Protection responsibilities.
  9. Review all data protection procedures on an ongoing and regular basis.
  10. Train all staff in line with data protection laws.
  11. Deal with all subject access requests within a 2 week time frame.
  12. Ensure all 3rd parties that may necessarily through the course of business have access to Deeez Services Limited data, sign a confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement.
  13. Ensure all paper data when no longer required is shredded.
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